Sushi Time


There she sat, on a bus seat just across from him.For some reason he couldnít keep his eyes off her, she was beautiful girl after all but thatís not what kept his attention.It was her eyes that fascinated him the most.They were amber in colour but when the sun reflected just right the iris turned from a dark amber to a yellowish gold that could only be read in Egyptian Mythology.He watched patiently as the slightest movement of her head or of the bus could easily take the gold away with no promise that it will ever return; his heart was beating so strong that it felt like it was ready to jump out any minute or stop beating all together.


He knew that soon the bus would soon eventually stop where she could depart and that would be the end of that.Maybe thereís a way to see her again.He thinks of just saying hi but heís unable his speechless, how can you talk to something you can only imagine in your dreams.But he has to think of something he franticly grabs a piece of paper out of his backpack and scribbles a note on it.Then he starts folding it every which way corner to corner, a half into another half, diagonal sides to each other and finally he holds in his hand a bunny made of paper.Sheís starting to get up itís her stop coming up. She notices him staring at her, he stretches out his arm and holds the origami in front of her.She looks shocked by the gesture but takes the origami not fully realizing what it is.They depart looking at each other through the window of the bus as it speeds away.


Itís 8pm heís at a Sushi restaurant called Sushi Time located on Bloor St.; itís one of his favourite restaurants, the place has good lunch specials which suited him just fine for it wasnít too far away from the college that he attended couple years back.But heís here now for a different reason, itís not to fill his belly but instead in hopes to see her at least once more.The scribbles contained a simple note, ďMeet me at Sushi Time at 8pm today.Ē But eights slowly passing by and sheís no where to been seen.He usually gets the ski box which contains tempura, fried sweet potatoes, sushi two of California type, two of red tuna and two of salmon, a small side salad and the main piece a teriyakisalmon.†† This night calls for something else though she no where to been seen and itís getting to him; saki and lots of it a roll of spicy negihama a yellowtail with spicy sauce, cucumber and green onion.The spicy negihama is hard to swallow with itís initial sweetness but extremely bitter after taste.


The saki and negihama is consumed with nothing left on the plate.He checks his watch itís forty after eight and no sign of her.He asks the couple sitting next to him ďDo you have the time.Ē With the hopes that maybe his watch is just wrong. The man replies ďTwenty to nine.ĒAnd he loses any hope he had left itís time for him to go if she would have come she would have surely been here by now.He pays his bill and leaves the waiter a generous tip.He sees a streetcar coming up and gets on it pays his ticket and heads to the back to find a seat.Unknown to him itís the same street car she just got off to get to the restaurant.She didnít notice him scribbling the note on the paper and didnít think of unfolding the origami until the thought crossed her mind after eight oíclock.She looks through the window of Sushi Time to try to find him but itís passed the arranged time, and heís no where to be found.She walks inside to see if maybe she just doesnít him through window, she looks at each darken corner where he might be hidden but non contain him.


She leaves the restaurant without getting anything, his presence isnít there and sheís not a fan of sushi, part of the reason she was late she also didnít know where the restaurant is located.She catches the next streetcar and heads home looks at the piece of paper. Wonders if it may have been better not to have unfolded the paper, at least she would still have the bunny instead of a flat piece of paper.