To get:

When did the chasm between us grow so deep I couldn't reach across the bed? I study the blanket crinkled between your shoulder and hip and I wish I were there. Anywhere. Together with you, instead of just existing in the same house.

I go jerk off in the machine room, so I won't wake you shaking the bed. I click around for some standard naked chicks. But I think about you too, and the desire, that's for you. The porn is so I won't have to bug you, because I'm pretty sure what the answer would be.

Things I miss:
Things that were cool when we had them, but I don't miss all that much:

I know I got old, and fat, bald, and I don't do dishes enough. But I still love you.

And I know you're tired, and you feel fat, and your tits are chewed so much you don't want me within a meter of them. Your new job is harder than my old job. But you're still so fucking hot.

I used to be able to give you something no one else could. Anyone can do laundry and wash dishes. And I will, I will, but I don't get a thrill out of it. I suspect you would kick me out if I actually did get a thrill from it.

What I really, really miss:

I'll be here, on the other side of the bed.