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For Boot

And with thanks to:

Courtney Lake, Nyala Ali, Jordan Powley, Kris Mofukn Hill, Adam Lonero, Max Meyer, Robert Hopewell, Pat and Howard McCourt, all the K5ers and everyone else without whom this book would never have existed.

Special thanks to Aaron McBride for performing the thankless task of HTML encoding this beast.

Ten hits of acid in my veins,
orbiting tacitly my brain,
preparing ere they take the plunge,
despairing there for thoughts expunged,
but never ones to needless linger,
and knowing well the hapless bringer,
of these events upon himself,
they wasted moments not in stealth,
and those sacred halls did enter,
driving straight toward the centre,
where Reason met in consultation,
with others of important station--
included at this fine reception,
were Poise, Discretion and Perception,
and others who would be confused,
to find soon their persons disabused,
of the quaint outdated notion,
that real earth and real ocean,
existed ever on their own,
without a mind to call their home.

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