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The human mind is science's next frontier for exploration, and psychotropic drugs one of its strongest tools. But government sanctions and limitations on research are blocking the most ready paths of progress. The brain has many secrets to tell, but it is against the law to listen.

But people ARE listening. People are listening in basements and dorm-rooms around the globe.

Imagine the next great step in the understanding of the human mind. Imagine the discovery that turns us from human beings into something more. Now imagine it being open-sourced by the punk rocker up the street.

Lysergically Yours is Frank Duff's first novel.

Lysergically yours has sold out two print runs and is currently out of print. If you are located in North America, you may be able to find it at your local independent book store, otherwise please enjoy the free E-Book.

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Seeking Representation

As of March 2010, Frank Duff is seeking representation for a complete 120,000 word science fiction novel.

Perpetual Motion Roadshow

Frank Duff took Lysergically Yours on the road with the Perpetual Motion Roadshow from June 17th to 24th, 2004. It was a great experience and a complete success. Check out the official Roadshow site for more information and audio recordings of Frank Duff and the other authors who participated in the roadshow.

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