Welcome to the Blog-reverser.

What's the Big Idea?

Blogs have developed over the years a standardized format for post order: the most recent dozen or so posts on the first page, with the most recent of all at the top. If you're a regular reader, this is a great format. But when you are late to the party at a blog that has been underway for quite some time or is perhaps a fait accompli(consider http://darthside.blogspot.com), the blog format can give a Mementoesque quality to a story that would be better enjoyed from beginning to end. The Blog-reverser aims to address that.

Does it Work on All Blogs?

Sadly no. For now, the Blog-reverser only handles blogspot/blogger blogs. Even among those, the blog-reverser does not have 100% coverage. This is because of the incredible degree of customization that the service allows its users over the templates on which their content is displayed. Despite this, Blog-reverser does--on preliminary testing--seems to work perfectly with over 90% of blogspot blogs and pretty okay with most of the remaining 10%.

Do I Want to Click "Crawl Entire Archive"?

Maybe. By doing so, you'll really see the full power of the Blog-reverser. Be warned however that this option will display every post ever made to the blog on a single page and the pages that will get served back to you can sometimes be VERY large.

Was This a Lot of Work to Make?

If you don't know anything about computer programming, it was probably easier than you imagine. If you do know how to code, it was probably trickier than you suspect.

What If I Don't Want my Blog Reversed?

Well, first let me urge you to reconsider. The Blog-reverser exists to provide a service to your readers and, aside from reordering your posts, does not edit or modify your content in any way. Every byte of your original page is there, just in a different order. The Blog-reverser will display your reversed blog in exactly the style and template of the original, including even any Google ads you may have. And all google ads in the body of the page will still be registered to your account, so you will still get credit for any impressions or click-throughs. If you still want to prevent your blog from being reversed, simply insert the following code into the <head> element of your template: <meta name='blogrev' content='no'>, or email ghost@256k.org with the subject line "Blogrev Blacklist". The former method will work instantly, the latter will come into effect within a week.

Upcoming Features

the Blog-reverser belongs to Duff McCourt, but all reversed content still belongs to whoever owned it in the first place. send bug reports, hate mail and whatnot to ghost@256k.org. [ 4898]